What is The Wedding University?

The inaugural Wedding University took place on Sunday, February 8, 2009. We were filled to capacity with enthusiastic couples eager to learn the many aspects of wedding planning. From 11am-5pm, our students rotated between classes to learn about wedding design, wedding logistics, photography, beauty, and other important topics. In addition, they sampled amazing food from a sushi bar to a prime rib station to an elaborate dessert buffet--all from the creative culinary team at the Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley. An extraordinary decor room that featured 4 very distinct styles was the perfect inspiration for couples to brainstorm on their own wedding style! There were absolutely no 'selling' going on at our event, as compared to the conventional wedding fairs. It was truly one of a kind, classy, and fun event. At the end of the day, one lucky couple won the grand prize--a 3 night stay at one of 3 Four Seasons Resort, including Lanai and Bora Bora.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Featuring: Geoff White Photography

I'm really hoping that this blog is giving you a good sense of the caliber of the Event Professionals that will be speaking to you on February 8th. We have selected an amazing group of people, all experts in their fields but at the same time very personable and approachable. This is a great opportunity to ask questions without being judged!

Our photography team for The Wedding University is pretty awesome. I'm going to start with Geoff and Lara White, another dynamic husband and wife team that has captured the hearts of many couples with their amazing photos. They will be talking about the different styles of photography out there, what photojournalism REALLY means, and what couples should truly look for when seeking their perfect wedding photographer.

Here is their story...

Geoff White has established himself as one of the premiere wedding photographers of the Bay Area, employing a style that combines the crisp, contemporary elements of photojournalism with a lovely, perceptive artistry.

Geoff fell in love with photography when he got his first camera at age ten. Photography remained a hobby while Geoff and a former classmate decided to start a business in Silicon Valley using Geoff’s technical savvy and background as a computer engineer. The pair’s entrepreneurial vision took them from living out of backpacks on a friend’s couch to selling their wildly successful company to a Swedish firm after only four years. This left Geoff with the time and resources to pursue his real passion: photography. After a three month tour of North America with nothing but a camera and a Winnebago, Geoff was certain that photography was the perfect expressive outlet.

To learn the craft, Geoff apprenticed himself to a professional photographer (who would later join the Geoff White team). At the same time, he indulged his love of cutting edge technology by being an early adopter of digital photography, which allows him speed and tremendous post-production flexibility. Ultimately, Geoff is distinguished for his combination of technical prowess and artistic vision. With his wife Lara, who shares his business acumen and meticulous attention to detail, Geoff has grown Geoff White Photography into a unique Bay Area brand, where a deft understanding of cutting edge technology meets a detailed and visionary eye for design.

Geoff comes highly recommended by his clients as well as a variety of professionals. His work has been published in Wedding Bells, Professional Photographer, Wedding Guide, American Libraries, and a Destination Weddings book. TITLED? Geoff is also an active member of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area (PPGBA), National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), The ShortList and By Recommendation Only (BRO).

Lara White is half of the original Geoff White Photography team, bringing professional expertise from her background in wedding and non-profit event planning. Lara’s passion and skill for growing a company from the ground up has been integral in making their business stand out in the field. Her sense of professionalism and her dedication to exceptional customer service round out the artistic excellence that Geoff White Photography has come to be known for, making her a natural fit as a business partner for Geoff. With her planning sensibility and solid understanding of the composition and flow of the wedding day, Lara is directing the game plan and insuring full coverage, leaving the photographer free to focus on the artistic end.

Lara’s not all business, though, and she’s always had a passion for weddings in particular. Growing up in an artistic household (with a dancer mom and a wedding photographer dad), she was always intrigued by being in a house where the walls were covered by strangers’ wedding photos. Self-described as the little girl who kept a detailed notebook of her dream wedding, Lara’s life took a funny turn when she and then-boyfriend Geoff were traveling in his native Canada. Thanks to some visa complications, Geoff’s best option for getting back into America legally was marrying a native for citizenship status. Over the course of a day, Lara and Geoff bought their wedding rings from a border pawnshop, and were married by a vacationing pastor at a Niagara Falls chapel, which Lara describes as “a cheap and dirty version of Vegas.” Lara’s outlook on this little episode is a good insight into why she’s an amazing wedding professional: every event she’s a part of is her chance to live out her fantasy weddings. Whether she’s helping to capture a little beach ceremony or a gala affair, Lara marries her professional expertise with her personal passion every time. She and Geoff share their home with her sixteen year old niece, Brittanie, and their three pound Maltese dog, Emma.


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