What is The Wedding University?

The inaugural Wedding University took place on Sunday, February 8, 2009. We were filled to capacity with enthusiastic couples eager to learn the many aspects of wedding planning. From 11am-5pm, our students rotated between classes to learn about wedding design, wedding logistics, photography, beauty, and other important topics. In addition, they sampled amazing food from a sushi bar to a prime rib station to an elaborate dessert buffet--all from the creative culinary team at the Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley. An extraordinary decor room that featured 4 very distinct styles was the perfect inspiration for couples to brainstorm on their own wedding style! There were absolutely no 'selling' going on at our event, as compared to the conventional wedding fairs. It was truly one of a kind, classy, and fun event. At the end of the day, one lucky couple won the grand prize--a 3 night stay at one of 3 Four Seasons Resort, including Lanai and Bora Bora.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Inaugural Wedding University--Part I.

Previously on my own blog, I posted some tidbits on the night before our big event--the inaugural Wedding University. Now, I am ready to start blogging a series about the day of, providing you some behind the scenes exclusives!

The morning started off early for many of us--6am! Ofcourse, John Woods and his crew were the exceptions--they were up the entire night installing the drapery and lighting! The whole design team and our volunteers were hard at work at the crack of dawn, setting up the various tables in their different themes.

The Deans--Jean, Julie, Kelly, and myself, took on a role that we were not quite familiar with. Rather than having our sleeves rolled up like we normally do at an event, we were instead taking turns having our makeup and hair professional done by the fabulous Armando of Get Your Do Up and his lovely assistant of the day Joey. I have to admit...I loved every minute of it!

At 9am sharp, all the Deans, Professors, and Volunteers met in the Conference Room for our 'Staff Meeting'. The Four Seasons provided coffee and pastries to bring everyone's energy up as we went over the timing and logistics of the day together. I could sense the excitement, anticipation, and enthusiasm in the room!

Janece was our very competent leader for the registration process, which was crucial to the success of our event. She delegated various tasks to our many volunteers that day, making sure that each of them understood their roles and responsibilities clearly.

My fabulous Production Lead Amanda was our 'day-of coordinator', making sure that we were on schedule, and being the go-to person for questions and support. While she was managing the final set up in the various rooms downstairs, Armando and Joey continued working their magic upstairs in the spacious suite--this time on the models that we had casted for this special event.
Gabrielle of Gabrielle's Bridal Atelier was also there to help style each model, as they got dressed in her beautiful gowns.

With less than one hour before the students were due to arrive, the professors began doing one last 'practice' run with their presentations. We were ready to rock!!

All the above photos by the fabulous Janae Shields, who was present from 8am-6pm to document the entire event for us from beginning to end.

Stay tuned for Part II...for our television interview and the arrival of TWU students!


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